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Quick integration with the most popular webshop platforms

Boxy System can easily and quickly connect to the majority of webshop engines.

Our own API allows you to connect to our system even if you use a custom-developed webshop.

Simple and fast integration

You can connect with most well-known e-commerce platforms to our system. Individually developed webstores may utilize the easy-to-use Boxy API specifically created for this cause.

Integration is easy

step-1What do I need to connect?

If you use one of the following webstore engines, connecting will be a piece of cake: WooCommerce, ShopRenter, Unas, OpenCart, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, Wix.

You need not to worry if you use another engine or have an individually developed webstore, we have the solution for you: anyone can connect to our system via our own API! Register using the button below!

step-2Steps to connect

Once you have applied and signed the contract, our technical colleagues will visit you and discuss the integration steps together.

If you use one of the aforementioned engines supported by us, you only need to install our Boxy plugin. If you have an individually developed webshop or use an unsupported engine, you can use our Boxy API to build the IT connection.

Our experts will help you with everything!

step-3For whom do we recommend it?

It matters not whether your webstore is large or small, nor if it is individually developed or a template store.

We can offer advantageous warehouse and logistics solutions for all types of webstores. On average, you can save up to 30% on your warehouse logistics cost with us.

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